Cohorts in the project

Some cohorts supported by the Investments for the Programme d'Investissement d'Avenir (PIA) are associated with the construction of the IT infrastructure and common services offered by France Cohortes, which they will be able to use.

Drawing on their expertise and know-how, and thanks to co-development work, the cohorts will thus be able, during the data collection, processing, and sharing stages, to use solutions making it possible to industrialize practices and develop common standards.

The direct beneficiaries of the services developed by France Cohortes will be cohort managers, their project teams and their research teams, as well as the research teams of their academic and industrial partners.

Patient cohorts and the general population

This involves:

Contributor and user cohorts

  • CANTO, cohort of women with localized breast cancer
  • CKD-REIN, cohort of patients with chronic kidney disease
  • COBLANCE, cohort for research on the predictive biomarkers of bladder cancer
  • ELFE, French longitudinal study since childhood
  • EPICOV, epidemiology and living conditions associated with Covid-19
  • EPIPAGE 2, epidemiological study on young gestational ages
  • HEPATHER, cohort of patients infected with the hepatitis B or C virus: therapeutic options
  • HOPE-EPI / CCOP, epidemiological research in pediatric hematology-oncology
  • MEMENTO, determinants and timecourse of early Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive deficiencies 
  • PSYCOH, National Cohort on Bipolar Disorders and Schizophrenia
  • RADICO, rare disease cohorts

Contributor cohorts

  • CONSTANCES, cohort of health exam center consultants
  • E3N-E4N, epidemiological study of children of E3N women

User cohorts

  • MARIANNE, cohort dedicated to research on autism and neurodevelopmental disorders