The team and governance

The team responsible for steering the national infrastructure interacts with cohort and regulatory authority representatives within orientation and decision-making authorities.


Gregoire Rey, Director

Leila Ben Jannette, Secretary General

Laurence Camelin, Management secretary

Guillemette Pardoux, Communication manager

Julie Hubert, Project manager

Adel Sakhri, Information system manager

Joris Thomassin, Information system project manager

Geoffrey Normand, Service center manager

Alizée Delettre-Chevalier, Service center assistant

Vincent Benoit, Technical manager

Cécile Zaros, Epidemiological data collection manager

Darine Bouteldja, Health data integration expert

Said-Karim Bounebache, Expert on methodology and statistical learning

André Happe, National health information system (SNDS) expert

Lou Chaves-Ferreira, Datamanager / SNDS

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Governance is ensured by the group of team leaders, management, and the network of cohorts involved in the project.

The France Cohortes network deals with strategic issues and decisions for cohorts and authorities (strategic governance), such as:

  • the network development strategy,
  • resource allocation,
  • data governance,
  • the opening of the network,
  • ethics,
  • valuation principles. 

A strategic orientation committee, which meets once a year, issues an opinion on the main scientific orientations

The France Cohortes Joint Service Unit (UMS 47) deals with questions concerning the Joint Service Unit service offering (content, how services are rolled out, organization of associated resources) and the key work and coordination processes to be established between the Joint Service Unit and the cohorts, or between cohorts. It develops and makes available a range of services for all or some of the cohorts, co-developed with them.

  • The management committee reports to a steering committee, which meets three times a year, bringing together the director of the UMS, the representatives of Cohorts (PI), Inserm departments such as the director of the IT Department, the management of the Institute of Public Health, that of the Institute of Technologies for Health, certain business departments, and representatives of regulatory authorities. 
  • A regulatory authority committee, which meets twice a year, is the consultative body for validating resource strategies and taking final decisions concerning the operation of the Joint Service Unit.