Childhood Cancer Observation Platform

The Childhood Cancer Observation Platform is an infrastructure based on the National Childhood Cancer Registry. Its objective is to contribute to research on the causes and origins of pediatric cancers and on the long-term future of adults who have had cancer in childhood.

Key elements

  • Cohort based on the National Childhood Cancer Registry
  • Includes 40,000 people who had cancer or certain benign tumors before the age of 18
  • Since 2000

Objectives of the cohorte

More specifically, the cohort provides support for multidisciplinary research aimed at better understanding:

  • The long-term effects of the treatments and the remote health of the initial tumor thanks to the data of the COHOPER cohort. It is based on data from questionnaires, medical-administrative data (SNDS) and data collected by the National Childhood Cancer Registry and the PEDIART component on radiation therapy doses.
  • The role of the environment close to home on the risk of cancer in children, thanks to GEOCAP data (20,000 cases, 60,000 controls)

The CCOP also integrates the BIOCAP virtual biobank providing information on tumor and non-tumor samples stored in the anatomical pathology and biology departments or in the biological resource centers.

Management and governance

HOPE-EPI/CCOP is led by Jacqueline Clavel, epidemiologist doctor, senior investigator at the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm), head of the epidemiology team for childhood and adolescent cancer (EPICEA) from CRESS, UMRS-1153, Inserm, University of Paris

Management is also provided by Brigitte Lacour and Claire Poulalhon, epidemiologists, Valérie Bernier-Chastagner, radiotherapist, and Frédérique Dijoud, anatomical pathologist. The HOPE-EPI/CCOP project manager is Latifa Idbrik (latifa.idbrik[at]inserm.fr).

Informations détaillées

No news has been published for this cohort, you can consult all the news in the spotlight section

Terms and conditions of accessing cohort data

  • Contact the coordinator.
  • A call for expressions of interest will be published regularly.
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