A range of integrated services

Collecting, processing and making available data

To strengthen the collection and processing of data collected from participants, and to give researchers access to top-quality data while protecting their confidentiality, France Cohortes provides support in a number of areas:

  • IT tools on a secure platform, 
  • epidemiological expertise,
  • documentation and data assesment,
  • regulation requirements,
  • user support,
  • communications.

France Cohortes promotes and implements the FAIR principles throughout the data cycle, to encourage sharing and openness, while respecting the rights of individuals.

Our secure IT platform makes it possible to

  • collect and manage data
  • bring data into line with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),
  • link data with medico-administrative or environmental databases,
  • manage big data and artificial intelligence, 
  • use data visualisation tools,
  • document and make data available in secure workspaces,
  • work collaboratively,
  • access a help centre and documentation resources.

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Data collection and processing

Documentation and value creation

User support

Regulatory support


Cross-functional services as well as documentation, regulatory support and communication services are provided exclusively through the use of the services and tools of the France Cohortes IT platform.